You have reached the MCNC Datacenter Services website failover server. This server is used for hosting simple, non-database driven, websites that may be reached in the event that a primary webserver becomes unavailable. If you are an organization using this server to host a failover site and are wishing to view or modify your site, you may do so by appending your url as a subdirectory of this server. For example, the MCNC failover site can be reached via the url / Access to your site may or may not require the use of www as part of the location for your directory.

You will need a WebDAV client to make modifications to your site. Most current operating systems, such as Windows, OSX, and some Linux distributions, have WebDAV clients that are part of the operating system or are installed by default. There are also commercially available WebDAV clients that may work better for your needs. As part of the WebDAV configuration, you will also need to know the assigned login and password for your site.

For any questions related to this service, please contact MCNC Systems Operations or Datacenter Services.